Bollywood Celebrity Deepika Padukone Contested by India’s narcotics Bureau

Interview Component of investigation to movie industry after death of celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput

Deepika Padukone was contested by India’s narcotics bureau as part of an investigation into the movie industry after the passing of the celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput.

The Bollywood superstar was one of three celebrities summoned from the Narcotics Control Board (NCB) for questioning on Saturday.

Bollywood Celebrity Deepika Padukone Contested by India’s narcotics Bureau

The 34-year-old had obtained a summons before in the week whilst shooting a film at the western beach resort of Goa and has been questioned for many hours in NCB’s Mumbai office.

Deepika Padukone questioned


Meanwhile, the celebrities Shraddha Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan were contested separately at a different NCB office. None have been detained by the government of any wrongdoing. Details of the coughing weren’t immediately available.

The trio is among over a dozen individuals working together with the Hindi film industry who’ve been summoned from the NCB in the previous two weeks. Padukone’s director, Karishma Prakash, was also contested on Friday.

Before this week, TV station TimesNow broadcast segments of a WhatsApp dialog about procuring hash, alleging that the 2 people talking were Padukone and Prakash.


The narcotics bureau explained in a statement which it began the Bollywood drug evaluation after the passing of Rajput.

The 34-year-old, that starred in many blockbusters, was discovered dead in his Mumbai house in June. An investigation is continuing.

His former girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty, 28, was detained earlier this month on suspicion of purchasing cannabis — a claim she’s denied — and this week has been denied bond.

Director Karan Johar meanwhile, who’s also been a goal of TV stations and societal networking users because Rajput’s departure, published an announcement on Friday rejecting claims that drugs have been consumed in a party he hosted in his residence last year.

His answer came following an old movie by a star-studded celebration at his home surfaced on social networking.


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